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Consistently Enforcing Rigorous Quality Control

UTM Quality Control Process

1.Incoming Material Inspection

  • Check chemical composition and physical properties
  • Verify outer diameter (OD) dimensions

2.Cutting Process Inspection

  • Check length dimensions (47.5±0.2mm, 45.75±0.1mm)
  • Verify center distance (4X22.875±0.1mm)

3.Lathing Process Inspection:

  • Inspect outer diameters (Ф80±0.1mm, Ф70max, Ф69.4±0.13mm, Ф74.8±0.13mm, Ф68.5±0.25mm, Ф63±0.25mm)
  • Check inner diameters and hole dimensions (6±0.5mm, 55±0.02mm)
  • Verify groove dimensions (59.5±0.25mm, width 3.18±0.25mm)
  • Confirm relative position tolerances

4.Deburring Inspection

  • Visual inspection for burrs on the surface

5.Heat Treatment Inspection:

  • Check compound layer depth (0.01~0.025mm)
  • Verify hardness (460 HK100 MIN at 0.050 depth below compound layer, 60 HRC MIN surface hardness)

6.Lathing Process Inspection:

  • Perform comprehensive dimensional inspection using gauges, micrometers, and CMM
  • Visual inspection for overall appearance and defects

7.Surface Treatment Inspection

  • Verify cleanliness per JDS-G169 Class 6.4 (Total part area=0.025㎡, Maximum allowable contaminant=7.122mg)

8.Packing Inspection

  • Check quantity, marking, and part number accuracy


  • Record inspection results and maintain traceability
  • Review and approve inspection reports

UTM Quality Control Office

UTM Quality Inspection Equipment

  • SEREIN Croma 8126 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 800×1200×600 (mm), MPE (maximum permissible error) 3.0μm
  • ScanTech PRINCE775 Handheld 3D Scanner Laser source: 7+1 red laser crosses / 5 blue parallel laser lines Effective work range 200mm~450mm / 100mm~200mm, Accuracy Up to 0.03mm
  • Granite Inspection Table, 1200×1000 (mm) / 1000×750 (mm)
  • Digimatic Heitht Gages, 0-600 (mm)
  • Full Range of Vernier Caliper, 0-100-150-200-300-600-1000 (mm)
  • Outside Micrometers / Digimatic Holtest, 0-25-75-100-125-150 (mm) / 12-20-50-100 (mm)


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