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Service til CNC-drejning

Rapid CNC turning for prototypes and production parts, with turnaround times as fast as 2 days.

Vores on demand-produktionstjenester

UTM tilbyder højpræcisionsbearbejdning understøttet af en utrolig bred vifte af produktionskapaciteter. Uanset om du har brug for prototyper eller masseproduktion, bruger vores eksperter avancerede teknologier til at fremstille produkter med indviklede geometrier og overlegen æstetik. Fra komplekse komponenter til meget færdige dele leverer vi et omfattende udvalg af on-demand bearbejdningstjenester. Udnyt vores dygtige produktionsevner til at bringe dine designs til live med kompromisløs kvalitet.

Metalworking CNC milling machine.


Dine præcisionsdrejede dele, produceret af vores dygtige maskinarbejdere på importerede eller indenlandske CNC-drejebænke i Kina.
Metalworking CNC milling machine.


Præcisions CNC-fræsede komponenter, fagligt udformet til at gøre dine vidunderlige designs til virkelighed.
Turning lathe machine closeup, metalworking


Præcisionsbearbejdede prototype- og produktionsdele, fremstillet ved hjælp af vores avancerede CNC-drejestationer.
working with sheet metal on CNC hydraulic press brake. Bending sheet metal

Fremstilling af metalplader

Skræddersyede løsninger til fremstilling af metalplader, præcist udformet til at opfylde dine unikke specifikationer.

CNC turning materials

Vi kan generere øjeblikkelige tilbud på bearbejdning af mere end 50 metaller og plastmaterialer.

Aluminum 6061

Aluminum 5052

Aluminum 2024

Aluminum 6063

Aluminum 7050

Aluminum 7075

Aluminum MIC-6

Learn more about aluminum for CNC machining.


Copper 101

Copper C110

Få mere at vide om kobber til CNC-bearbejdning.

Copper 260

Copper 360

Learn more about brass for CNC machining.

Nitronic 60 (218 SS)

Stainless Steel 15-5

Stainless Steel 17-4

Stainless Steel 18-8

Stainless Steel 303

Stainless Steel 316/316L

Stainless Steel 416

Stainless Steel 410

Stainless Steel 420

Stainless Steel 440C


Få mere at vide om rustfrit stål til CNC-bearbejdning.

Steel 1018

Steel 1215

Steel 4130

Steel 4140 

Steel 4140PH 

Steel 4340 

A2 Tool Steel

 O1 Tool Steel

 Learn more about steel for CNC machining.

Zinc Alloy

Learn more about zinc for CNC machining.

Steel 1018

Steel 1215

Steel 4130

Steel 4140 

Steel 4140PH 

Steel 4340 

A2 Tool Steel

 O1 Tool Steel

 Learn more about steel for CNC machining.

High-strength engineering plastic used for many commercial products.

Få mere at vide om ABS til CNC-bearbejdning.



High-strength engineering plastic used for many commercial products.

En klar glaslignende plast. Gode egenskaber i forhold til slitage. Perfekt til udendørs brug. 

Learn more about acrylic for CNC machining.

Acetal Delrin 150 Delrin 100 Resin with good moisture resistance, high wear resistance, and low friction. 

Learn more about Delrin for CNC machining.

Garolite G10 (FR4)

Garolite G10 (non-FR)

Garolite G11 (FR5)

Constructed of an epoxy resin with fiberglass fabric reinforcement, also called epoxy-grade industrial laminate and phenolic, this material offers high strength and low moisture absorption. Learn more about garolite G10 for CNC machining and phenolic machining.

Polyethylen med høj densitet er en fugt- og kemikaliebestandig plast med god slagstyrke. Materialet er fremragende til udendørs brug samt til vandtætte beholdere eller tætninger. 

Få mere at vide om HDPE til CNC-bearbejdning.

Offers increased mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat and/or chemical resistance.

Learn more about Nylon 6/6 for CNC machining.


With almost twice the tensile strength of ABS, polycarbonate has superior mechanical and structural properties. Used widely in automotive, aerospace, and other applications that require durability and stability. 

Learn more about PC for CNC machining.




Offering excellent tensile strength, PEEK is often used as a lightweight substitute for metal parts in high-temperature, high-stress applications. PEEK resists chemicals, wear, and moisture. Learn more about PEEK for CNC machining.

Has excellent electrical properties and little or no moisture absorption. It carries light loads for a long period in widely varying temperatures. It can be machined into parts requiring chemical or corrosion resistance.


Learn more about polypropylene for CNC machining.

This material surpasses most plastics when it comes to chemical resistance and performance in extreme temperatures. It resists most solvents and is an excellent electrical insulator.


Learn more about PTFE for CNC machining.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. A general-purpose material. It offers a unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance, low surface friction, high impact strength, high chemical resistance, and does not absorb moisture.

Learn more about UHMW-PE for CNC machining.

Polyvinyl chloride (Type 1) is a highly chemical-resistant synthetic plastic, PVC is commonly in environments exposed to liquids or requires electrical insulation.


Learn more about PVC for CNC machining.

ULTEM 1000

ULTEM 2300


ULTEM (Polyetherimide) is a stiff, robust, performance-grade thermoplastic that can operate continuously in high-temperature environments (up to 340°F). It has one of the highest dielectric strengths of commercially available thermoplastics, making it an excellent electric insulator. Since ULTEM is also resistant to chemicals, easily cleaned, and does not absorb moisture, it is often used for medical applications.

We can source any other material on request, but quotes take up to 48 hours.

CNC Turning Surface Finishes

We can instantly quote a wide variety of post-machining surface finishes.

Applicable Materials
Machining marks

As  machined  

Metals, Plastics

Visible, light surface scratches 

Tolerances are not affected

Smooth machining

Metals, Plastics

Visible, light surface scratches

Tolerances are not affected

Fine machining


Slightly visible

Tolerances are not affected



Removed on primary surfaces

Met after polishing

Bead blasting


Removed for non-cosmetic, removed on primary surfaces for cosmetic  

Not affected except for specific features



Reduced for non-cosmetic, removed on primary surfaces for cosmetic 

Met after brushing

Anodizing Type II


Reduced for non-cosmetic, removed on primary surfaces for cosmetic 

Met after anodizing

Anodizing Type III


Visible under anodizing

Met after anodizing

Black oxide 

Copper, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Tool steel, Mild steel


Met after coating

Chromate conversion coating



Met after coating

Electroless nickel plating

Mild steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel

Reduced but visible

Met after electroless nickel plating

Powder coating



Met before powder coating

Brushed + electropolishing

Rustfrit stål

Removed on Primary surfaces

Met after electropolishing

CNC Turning Tolerances


Maximum Part Size

4000×1500×600 mm
157.5×59.1×23.6 in

200×500 mm
7.9×19.7 in.

Minimum Part Size

4×4 mm
0.1×0.1 in.

2×2 mm
0.079×0.079 in.

Minimum Feature Size

Φ 0.50 mm
Φ 0.00197 in.

Φ 0.50 mm
Φ 0.00197 in.

Standard Tolerances

Metals: ISO 2768-m

Metals: ISO 2768-m

Linear Dimension

+/- 0.005 mm

+/- 0.005 mm

Hole Diameters
(Not Reamed)

+/- 0.005 mm

+/- 0.005 mm

Shaft Diameters

+/- 0.005 mm

+/- 0.005 mm

Lead Time

5 business days

5 business days

Overview: What is CNC Turning?

A CNC lathe, also known as a live tooling lathe, is the ideal machine for producing symmetrical cylindrical or spherical components. Its fundamental operation involves rotating the workpiece around a vertical or horizontal axis, while a stationary cutting tool moves linearly along the workpiece to shape it. This material removal process, where the workpiece rotates against the cutting tool, is referred to as turning.

How CNC Turning Works?

CNC lathes utilize a subtractive manufacturing process to create desired shapes. The workflow begins with loading a blank cylindrical bar of stock material into the lathe's spindle chuck, which securely holds the workpiece in place as the spindle rotates it. Once the spindle reaches the programmed speed, a stationary cutting tool is brought into contact with the rotating workpiece to progressively remove excess material until the final geometry is achieved, following the toolpaths dictated by the G-code program.

Live tooling lathes are capable of performing various machining operations, including facing, threading, knurling, drilling, boring, reaming, and taper turning. Different operations may require tool changes, which can increase costs and setup times.

After all machining operations are completed, the finished part is cut from the stock material for any further post-processing steps. The CNC lathe is then ready to repeat the production cycle with minimal setup time required between parts.

This subtractive process enables CNC lathes to efficiently produce symmetrical cylindrical or spherical components with high precision and repeatability.

Metalworking CNC milling machine.

Types of CNC Turning

These lathes can perform various operations, including facing, threading, knurling, drilling, boring, reaming, and taper turning. After all machining steps are completed, the finished part is cut from the stock for any further post-processing. The CNC lathe is then ready for the next production cycle with minimal setup time required.

CNC milling machine

Other Benefits Of CNC Turning

Like CNC mills, CNC lathes can be easily configured for high repeatability, making them suitable for applications ranging from rapid prototyping to low and high-volume production runs. Advanced multi-axis CNC turning centers and Swiss-type lathes allow for multiple machining operations to be performed in a single machine. This capability makes them a cost-effective option for producing complex geometries that would otherwise require multiple machines or frequent tool changes on a traditional CNC mill.

Features of CNC Turning

UTM CNC Turning Shops

cnc machine workspace


Om os

UTM Precision Machining, der ligger i Qingdao i Kina, tilbyder præcisions-CNC-fræsning og -drejning til innovative virksomheder over hele verden. Vi arbejder sammen med dig i alle faser af produktudviklingen og har et team af højtuddannede teknikere, der kan hjælpe dig med at føre dine produktideer ud i livet. Uanset om du har brug for en brugerdefineret prototype eller lavvolumenproduktion på op til 1000+ enheder, er vores service uovertruffen. Med stor vægt på kvalitetskontrol får vi arbejdet gjort rigtigt hver gang. Vi vil gøre alt for at hjælpe dig med at føre dine produktideer ud i livet!

Engagerede medarbejdere
58 +
100 +
Tilfredse kunder
800 +

Hvorfor vælge os

Fremstillet af UTM

cnc parts

Arbejd med mange forskellige brancher

Fra prototyping til produktion sikrer UTM overlegen kvalitet og pålidelig funktionalitet. Med et bredt udvalg af metal- og plastmaterialer i produktionskvalitet samt meget avancerede on-demand-produktionsteknikker tilbyder vi produkter af høj kvalitet på tværs af flere brancher.

Auto industry


Vores lavvolumenproduktion er den ideelle løsning til produktion af dele til bilindustrien efter behov.


Luft- og rumfart

Den holdbarhed og præcision, som vores præcisionsfremstilling leverer, opfylder de sofistikerede behov, som de forskellige faser af rumfartsindustrien kræver.


Medicinsk udstyr

Producenter af medicinsk udstyr, nystartede teknologivirksomheder og forskningslaboratorier har stor gavn af de prototypeløsninger, vi leverer.


Stærke partnerskaber med førende forbrugerproducenter hjælper os med at fremskynde prototyping-processen og forbedre forbrugsvareindustrien.



Vores prototyping af robotteknologi i industriel kvalitet og fremstilling af dele hjælper med den løbende udvikling af robotmarkedet.


Industrielle maskiner

Flere materialevalg gør industrielle dele mere konkurrencedygtige.

Kvalitet Serviceydelser

Kunderne elsker

De gør, hvad de siger, de vil gøre. Nogle gange er de endda hurtigere færdige end lovet. Hvis vi har problemer eller spørgsmål, giver de os altid brugbare svar. Man kan regne med dem.


UTM er en yderst professionel virksomhed med god kundeservice. Alt, hvad vi bestilte, ankom som forventet. Der var nogle indledende problemer, men Kobe hjalp med at finde en løsning, der fungerede for begge parter. Vi vil helt sikkert bruge dem igen.


I forbindelse med min sidste ordre var kundesupporten fantastisk. Kobe hjalp mig med at løse et logistikproblem, og algo-delene var af fremragende kvalitet som forventet. Jeg er super tilfreds med support og service. Til min næste ordre vil jeg øge antallet af dele, da jeg ved, at kvaliteten og servicen vil være fantastisk.

Andres C

Jeg bestilte 50 CNC-bearbejdede dele i rustfrit stål, og de blev fantastiske. Dimensionerne passede, og delene var rene og glatte. Jeg vil helt sikkert bestille fra dem igen.

Wim Peter

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